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  • Sarah Landry

Hello? I'd like to dial-a-doula!

Friends, I’m buzzing about this one! It’s been brewing in the back of my mind since I started teaching childbirth education and connecting with clients. Yes, I’m also a doula, and I LOVE doing that for the right people… but I do not ever plan on being a “full time” doula (*more on that at the bottom*). What I DO love though? Giving YOU the information and confidence to do it yourself. That’s WHY I teach. I know I do a pretty good job preparing my childbirth education clients for their birth, as best as one can be prepared for a fairly unpredictable event. But you might need more:

· Maybe you just need to know that when you need me, I’m just phone call or text away.

· Maybe something in your birth goes off track and you feel suddenly overwhelmed.

· Maybe your support person/partner feels overwhelmed and needs guidance to guide YOU.

I see you nodding your head!

So, why is it only for childbirth education clients? · I want you have the foundation already from our 8 weeks together. · I want us to already have an established connection so you feel comfortable with us jumping RIGHT in whenever you call. And guess what? I’ve actually been doing this for a while behind the scenes to get an idea of the added value. Clients are loving it as much as I am—but more on that another time! Because when you get down to it, birth is a matter of both the head and the heart. How and what I teach is, too:

The head and base of childbirth education? · information

· skills

· knowledge

The heart and core of childbirth education? · connection

· confidence

· caring

We start to build the heart in classes together, but we can EXTEND that connection in a tangible, practical way—after classes end so you feel even more confident applying what you learned, with a safety net. Basically, I get to be your “birth guidance counsellor”... hello, dream job!

By profession, I’m a teacher, an educator, a doula. By nature, I’m a helper, an empath, a caregiver. In everything I do professionally, that nature comes through—this is an extension of the heart. I have admittedly struggled with seeing clients “graduate,” feeling like the proud (but slightly nervous) parent sending them off on their own unknown adventure. I know they are capable, but do they know they are? Do they know they can call still me if they slip? If they forget? If they panic? NOW they do. I want to help you during your birth, even in this small way—when you need it. To let you fly solo, but be there to help you get off the ground if you need that boost, or if you fall trying.

· Does having ‘dial-a-doula’ in your pocket sound like something you need? · Who wouldn't like the option to phone a friend if things get hairy in birth?

Again, this is ONLY available to past/present childbirth education clients. If you think this service might be right for you, reach out! If you’re not part of a prenatal education series yet but this sounds up your alley, sign up! You will also have access (anytime) to both comprehensive childbirth education and added guided support after classes.


[DISCLAIMER: This is NOT the same as a full virtual or in-person doula support package. If you are looking for enhanced doula support, please reach out about those separate services (which includes in-depth prenatal meetings and continuous support for your entire birth). If you want and need that extra guiding presence, I will always offer that service on a very limited basis for both prenatal education clients and new clients. Full doula support is irreplaceable and in no way downplayed with this service meant for educated, informed families from previous classes!]

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