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Childbirth Education

"If I don't know my options, I don't have any."
—Diana Korte

If you're pregnant, I bet you're overwhelmed by Google and books already. You might not know where to start (so. many. resources), or where to stop (hello, Google rabbit hole). Maybe you stumbled here in one of those endless searches (don't worry, it's a soft landing space). Maybe you're craving that essential human interaction often missing from our increasingly digital society. If any of that sounds familiar, keep reading! Professional childbirth education helps you navigate both the resources and the murky waters of pregnancy, birth preparation, labour/delivery, postpartum, and parenting—so you can birth with confidence. Lamaze has been the beacon of evidence-based childbirth education for over 60 years for a reason!

My goal as an educator is not only to help you learn, but to understand with a variety of learning resources and modalities. There is no right or wrong way to learn, just as there is no right or wrong way to birth your baby! If I've learned anything in my 15 years as a teacher, it's that if I'm bored teaching, you're bored learning. Ask any of the dozens of families I've taught since 2019, and I bet "boring" won't be an adjective used! Best Birth Forward is now offered in 3 format options to suit your unique needs, goals, and schedules:

1. Group hybrid series: Group classes are kept small so you can feel comfortable interacting with and getting to know other Cape Breton families. Only offered
3 times a year (fall/winter/spring) so plan accordingly! As a hybrid or "flipped classroom" series, we run for 8 weeks of interactive in-person classes (including a community class at the end) with 6 weeks of at-home learning along the way.
2. Private hybrid series: Private classes are an option for locals and non-locals who prefer a more hands-off (but still semi-supported) learning experience. You get custom intro and wrap-up sessions while you work through the course at your own pace in between. Available anytime/anywhere, virtual hybrid or in-person hybrid. 
3. Self-study series: For a more independent, self-paced learning experience. Includes all the same course content access, without the additional support of group/private. You can still e-mail any questions/concerns, or add custom sessions if decide on extra support. Available anytime, virtual only.

Learning with a support person/partner is highly encouraged for the best course experience, whether group, private, or self-study.












  • $300* per family (partner/support person included)

    • NOTE: *Pay-what-you-can option and payment plans available upon request. Please reach out if finances are a barrier for you!

A prepared birth experience is worth investing in! Instead of asking yourself "can I afford professional childbirth education" ask yourself "can I afford not to be informed"? But if you can't, I can still help
Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator logo shows internationally recognized and accredited prenatal education qualification to teach evidence-based information

Support & Resources

  • 13+ hours of pre-recorded content across 6 modules/26 lessons, accessed anytime.

  • Interactive live classes over 8 weeks (group series), custom intro and follow-up sessions (private series), or e-mail access only (self-study).

  • Custom content, visuals and resources from a variety of reputable, inclusive sources.

  • Custom course companion workbook to enhance learning throughout modules.

  • Private cohort Facebook group and course platform access (group series).

  • Supplies for independent learning and live, interactive activities (group only).

  • Bonus samples, gifts, prizes, and birth bundle resource packs (group only).

  • Continued access/support before, during, and after our series (group/private only).

Best Birth Forward childbirth education series is a comprehensive 8 week course in a flexible hybrid online format and is interactive and evidence-based

Skills & Information

  • Learn about late pregnancy, labour & birth processes, how to cope during labour via comfort measures, which medical pain-relief options you have, interventions you may face, postpartum, and more.

  • Advocate for yourself to confidently react to your options and make informed, empowered decisions from pregnancy to postpartum.

  • Prepare for different scenarios and changes that can come with giving birth and parenting, however that ends up looking for you.

  • Communicate and discover your birth preferences to support your best birth experience.

  • Connect with other families and create lasting bonds in a safe, judgment-free space.

Best Birth Forward childbirth education series is a comprehensive 8 week course in a flexible hybrid online format and is interactive and evidence-based

Payment & Options

  • Many private insurance companies now cover childbirth education/doula services! It can be buried, so inquire with your provider. Receipts can be provided upon request.

  • Birth work has always been a project of the heart for me. In an effort to make my services equitable and accessible, limited space may be available (by request) if you are unable to pay full price but are otherwise committed to getting quality prenatal education.

  • Keep in mind that I put my time and financial resources into what I offer—then meet me where YOU are. If you are able, please pay the full value to keep the flexible payment options available for those who need it. Payments plans can also be arranged if helpful.

  • There are also multi-program discounts with Mommy Connections​ to save more!

Best Birth Forward childbirth education series is a comprehensive 8 week course in a flexible hybrid online format and is interactive and evidence-based

Basics & Bundles

Black newborn baby wearing a hat is held wrapped in a towel at the hospital following birth


For full prenatal education in self-study, enhanced hybrid group OR private classes.


+Best Birth Forward SELF-STUDY course ($120*)
+Best Birth Forward PRIVATE series ($200*)
+Best Birth Forward GROUP series ($180**-$24
**$180 for Mom to Be program participants!

*Please reach out if finances are a barrier to participation.


Black couple sits with their certified childbirth educator to get prenatal education to learn about all their birth options for an informed birth

BETTER Education Bundle

For full prenatal education + infant massage instruction after baby arrives.

+Best Birth Forward GROUP series ($240 value)
+Better Bonding
 series ($80 value)

SAVE $20!


Newborn baby is held on a mother's lap asleep and happy showing their loving relationship and bond

BEST Bump-to-Baby Bundle

For birth doula support + full group education!

+Educated Birth Support Package ($840 value)
+Best Birth Forward GROUP series upgrade
($120 value difference)
+Better Bonding series ($80 value)

NOTE: Not currently taking doula clients


What are clients saying?

Sarah is truly an awesome educator and has done an excellent job creating this new hybrid model clas
Sarah offered a great course for couples and/or Moms to Be, to learn about childbirth in a judgment
This was a wonderful class and we learned so much! I feel very confident and empowered going into th
I learned so much in the series being a first time mom. Sarah makes classes fun and interactive. I a
The Childbirth Education course helped with so many questions I had going in to this pregnancy. With
Highly recommend this class! I knew the basics going into this class, but never imagined how much in
With the upcoming arrival of our little boy in March my husband and myself were fortunate enough to
My husband and I are expecting a very loved little girl to join our little fur family in March (afte
My husband and I loved this course! We're going to be first time parents in February. Before taking
Classes were well organized and contained a lot of great info. Sarah made classes interactive. It ma
I can’t say enough about Sarah! I have learned so much. It was nice to connect with other expecting
My husband and I took the childbirth education classes and it was an awesome experience! Sarah is so
Having a baby in the near future? Don’t walk but run to Sarah’s next sessions! I am pregnant with Ba
Highly recommended for new parents, as well as those who have already experienced childbirth. We are
I am a mother of two and gave birth to my second daughter in October. I feel so grateful that I was
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