Perinatal Pregnancy Postpartum social support at a cafe with expectant and new parents to help them connect and share the ups and downs in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada


Bumps & Babies Cape Breton

- perinatal social support group

Looking for social interaction sprinkled with informational support during the perinatal (pregnancy to postpartum) period? It can be hard to make new friends after baby arrives and life is turned on its axis. Start making those connections before baby, and you already have the foundation laid for a strong postpartum support system.

Sometimes it’s nice to just hang out with other pregnant people and new parents who get what you’re going through. People to laugh or cry with, and to share in the peaks and valleys in a safe space. 
Bumps & Babies gives you opportunities to get out and be social without any pressure to show up every time.

If you are local, join the private Facebook group Bumps & Babies Cape Breton to be kept up-to-date on meet-ups!