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My Story

I wear many hats in this life: wife, mom, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, teacher, childbirth educator, birth doula, infant massage instructor, multi-business owner. Sometimes I’m wearing multiple hats at a time, and not always fashionably. I've never been much of a hat person, but here I am! How I got 'here' has been a bit of a trip, much like birth can be. You can read about my first and second birth experiences for context. For now, know that my reason for everything is my children. They are so very different in life, including how they entered into it. It's why I started, why I keep going, and why I care.

I truly want you to have the best possible birth experience that I missed out on the first time, and I thankfully got the second time. I know you might feel scared, worried, overwhelmed, unprepared, excited, hopeful, anxious, optimistic—all in the same breath. I know because that was exactly me, and that was exactly why I needed prenatal education—and it wasn’t there when I looked. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and I forgive myself for that. That is my story, but I don’t want that to be yours.

I want you to have an informed, empowered, educated, supported, positive birth experience and journey to parenthood. That doesn’t mean I want you to have a 'certain type' of birth, or that you have to subscribe to a 'certain way' of parenting. It is about YOU being the driver of your own vehicle, not a passenger. I trust that with a solid, evidence-based foundation and the skills to cope with any challenges, you are capable of authoring major parts of your story—and feeling secure in your role. I can’t promise you a specific experience, but I can promise you guidance down the path, information in your back pocket, support at hand, and the confidence in yourself—your body, your birth, your baby, your journey, your choices.

Since opening the "doors" of Belle Vie Birth & Baby to my community in 2019, I have had the honour and joy of providing this experience, education, and support to well over 100 families (many repeat clients!) through in-person and online prenatal education classes, infant massage classes, and birth doula services. From a young age, I had known I would become a teacher and have never lost that love, even when I transitioned to roles outside the traditional classroom. I did not expect my career to shift to the birth world, but I’m so glad it did. I’m grateful to the families who have trusted me with their birth preparation and experiences, and who continue to support me while I support them.

When families find me, they will never feel like a number. My classes are small because I value connection with my clients/students as much as they value the connection they find with each other. While my 'classroom' is far from the typical setting of my training and earlier career, those teaching skills have been such an asset to building informative and engaging courses. I also love to create resources and activities, and I fully admit that my laminator is my BFF. Walking stereotypical teacher here!

Teaching is my passion, but connection is my medium. It's why I created free social-support programs along the way for local families, and how I now also hold the role of Director of Mommy Connections Cape Breton (you will now find these free supports in the Mommy Connections Cape Breton Village). Truth be told. this "new" (2022+) role does occupy more of my time than the birth world will allow, but I'm learning to balance better as I go. This did mean the decision to step back from birth doula support for 2024, but my other services are still available. If you want to learn more about the courses and services I offer and how I can help you on your journey to parenthood, please reach out, or check out the calendar for upcoming events and offerings.

I hope I get to be a small part of your journey!


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