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Newborn baby held by mother looking at the child after a supported birth with their doula who gave them labour support


"Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear."
—Jane Weideman

Having a birth doula benefits anyone and everyone, because no matter what kind of birth you hope for or end up with, you deserve to be supported. Doulas support YOU in your choices, whatever they may be. Personalized informational, emotional, and physical support through pregnancy and the birth process means you can handle whatever comes your way—and you won't ever be alone.

You may forget some of the finer details of your birth experience, but you will always remember how you were treated and made to feel during those hours. A textbook birth with less support and respect may be remembered negatively, while a “difficult” birth where there was continuous, unconditional support may still imprint as a positive experience. The difference is that you were made to feel important, validated, and guided through those challenges.

Educated Birth Support Package

INTERESTED: Where do I start?

· Get in touch by filling out the linked inquiry form below.

· We schedule a complimentary, no-obligation meeting to mutually decide if we are a good team.

· We discuss a doula's role/scope, answer your general questions, and go over your support in detail.

· Your space will be held for one week while you decide.

PRENATAL: What's included?

· Full access to the Best Birth Forward self-study course
($120 value, with option to upgrade to group series)

· 2 customized prenatal sessions

· Digital/phone support between sessions

· 24-hour on-call support starting at 37 weeks

BIRTH: What's included?

· Early labour support, as needed

· Full labour support in hospital

· Non-professional photos, upon request

POSTPARTUM: What's included?

· In-hospital support following birth

· 1 early postpartum support visit

· Early postpartum virtual/text/phone support

· Birth story/timeline & photos, upon request

· For enhanced postpartum doula support, please contact

[VIRTUAL doula support option is available, with all the same features fully online.
Inquire for more information]

Basics & Bundles

Black newborn infant baby held by caregiver or doctor in the hospital is asleep and content after birth

BASE Educated Birth

For customized pregnancy & birth support
+ Best Birth Forward
 self-study course

+Educated Birth Support Package only
*New clients: $840

*Previous clients: $640

Flexible payment options available!

*NOTE: Not Currently taking doula clients


Black couple expecting a baby sits with their certified childbirth educator to learn prenatal education for an informed birth experience based on their choices

BETTER Birth Upgrade

For customized support from pregnancy to postpartum + enhanced education & connection

+Educated Birth Support Package ($840 value)
+Best Birth Forward GROUP series upgrade
0 value difference)

SAVE $60!

*NOTE: Not Currently taking doula clients


Newborn baby is asleep on their mother's lap with hands cradling their head showing the bond they share

BEST Bump-to-Baby Bundle

For birth doula support + full group education!

+Educated Birth Support Package ($840 value)

+Best Birth Forward GROUP series upgrade
($120 value difference)
+Better Bonding series ($80 value)

SAVE $80!

*NOTE: Not Currently taking doula clients


What are clients saying?

I am a mother of two and gave birth to my second daughter in October. I feel so grateful that I was
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