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Christmas Colouring Calendars

Do your (non-infant) littles love colouring as much as mine? Do they love Christmas as much as mine? Doubtful. My 6-year old especially loves both so much that I decided to make an "advent"-ish colouring calendar that will last her the whole month long. It started as just a one-sheet calendar she could cross off/count down the days with the help of some cute kitty cartoons (and puns--I am who I am!). Her version is called Meowy Catsmas! Then I decided I could take each of the smaller pictures and make a full size page for each day. As parents, we decided to torture ourselves with the Elf on the Shelf. This will be the gift the elf brings December 1st, along with a new colouring picture each day. The plan is to save each picture as an after school activity and something to look forward to each day! My 4-year old is more into the scribbling at this stage, but I didn't want him feeling left out and decided to make a second version that was less kitty-heavy. The second version is called Christmas Critters. Check out the previews below before downloading:

While I didn't draw the images in the calendars (thanks, Canva!), I did painstakingly assemble them over many hours. It was worth doing for my own kids, but I would LOVE to see these bring some simple, cheap, and candy-free joy to other kiddos. Feel free to download and print either or both documents. I just ask that if you share with others, send them to this page to download themselves instead of sharing your PDFs directly. There are the full 32-page colouring calendars as well as the 1-page dated calendar if printing a giant document is an issue! The Meowy Catsmas version can be printed in colour or greyscale. ENJOY, and happy (almost) December!

Meowy Catsmas - December 2021
Download PDF • 337KB

Meowy Catsmas - colouring calendar
Download PDF • 665KB

Christmas Critters - December 2021
Download PDF • 414KB

Christmas Critters - colouring calendar
Download PDF • 790KB

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