Allow 6 weeks to complete | Zoom

PRIVATE: Best Birth Forward

The ability to give birth is innate, but doing so with confidence doesn’t always come easy. This comprehensive, private childbirth education series helps you navigate the vast sea of information in an open and safe space—online! Your best birth is an empowered birth, however that looks for you.
PRIVATE: Best Birth Forward

Time & Location

Allow 6 weeks to complete

About the series

-Schedule your private intro session (45-60 minutes) for just before you plan to start the course.

-Work through the 6 modules at your own pace (6 weeks is a good estimate).

-Use the course companion workbook and activities as guidance, but reach out to me anytime during your independent period with questions.

-When you're nearing the end (Module 5 or 6), schedule your custom follow-up session (1-2 hours) to wrap things up!

-Go to the "Services>Prenatal Education" menu tab for more detailed course information!